Robert is the only Toastmaster in the country to have
conducted a Civil Wedding Ceremony

The hotel was ready. The Toastmaster was ready and so was the Registrar,
But where was the Superintendent? She was the person who should have conducted the ceremony.
Unfortunately the Superintendent had not been booked, a slight clerical error.
So what to do next?
The Bridegroom was getting upset. Thankfully the bride had yet to arrive
After trying to arrange another Superintendent, without any luck, I suggested that there were two options
(1)To cancel the wedding, or
(2) for me to conduct the ceremony
It was agreed, I would do it.
The Bride arrived and she was happy with the arrangement.
So it was my great pleasure to conduct the wedding ceremony and then go on to officiate at the reception.
A very memorable and happy day and unique for the Bride & Bridegroom.
And Yes - It was legal.

Robert Gee Toastmaster
Hawthorne Cross, Rushfords, Lingfield, Surrey RH7 6EG, 01342 834180